Quilt Preparation and Shipping

Here are some steps you can take to keep your cost down, as well as help ensure that you will be pleased with your finished quilt.

1. Trim excess seams or points that can cause undesirable lumps. Eliminate loose threads that can show through the quilt top or backing. Press seams flat.

2. Since each layer is mounted on the quilting machine separately, do not baste layers together.

3. Place a safety pin at the head end of the quilt backing and the pieced quilt top. Some quilting designs are one way and I need to know which will be at the head end of the quilt.

4. To allow for shrinkage during the quilting process, batting & backing should be 8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top for twin size or larger quilt tops. Smaller quilts such as lap quilts or baby quilts need just 6-inches longer and wider.

5. Backing should be squared. Squared backing will have both sides the same length, with 90-degree corners. Selvages, especially in a backing seam, can cause undesirable puckering; I recommend that selvages be removed from any seams.

6. Stitch around the outer edge seams of the quilt top, especially if there are multiple seams that are on the outside edges of the quilt top. Your quilt top may be gently pulled during the machine quilting so it will lay flat, and this will prevent the seams from coming unstitched. Stitch just less than a ¼” from the outer edge so it won’t show after the binding is applied.

7. To save time, please fill out the Order Form and include it when you mail or deliver your quilt to be machine quilted.

8. Your quilt top can be mailed to: Kathi Eames, 1474 Halvorson Road, Carlton, MN 55718. If you plan to drop off your quilt, please call ahead for an appointment.

9. For you convenience, I accept payment through PayPal. When your quilt is completed, I will send you an invoice through PayPal. Going through PayPal you are able to pay with a credit card of your choice or by electronic funds transfer. If you prefer not to use PayPal, I’ll be happy to discuss other arrangements with you.